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May 17–19, 2024 | Wyndham Omaha | 655 N 108th Ave.

Why be a part of HACYPAA?

HACYPAA is Heartland Area Conference of Young People in AA. They stand to help young people find fellowship and fun in the AA program. Your life doesn’t have to be over because you got sober. Many find out that it has just begun.

Will my life be boring as a sober person?

Your life doesn’t have to be boring being sober. Many people often find that when they get sober, life’s great opportunities really open up for them and their lives get full. Life gets better than it’s ever gotten, many sober people find.

Can young people really stay sober?



Young people have a just as much a chance to stay sober as any other person in the program. Just as long as they work the program how it is meant to be worked by working the steps, getting a sponsor, and going to meetings.

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